About Us

Castellana Physicians Services, LLC (Castellana), part of the MMM Holdings, LLC group in Puerto Rico, provides cutting-edge support services to medical groups, primary physicians, and subspecialists, among others.

Castellana has been an association of independent providers (IPA, for its acronym in English), which has been dedicated exclusively to providing services to physicians who care for the elderly and disabled population of Puerto Rico. Currently, Castellana consists of four independent IPAs, with over 500 primary physicians (PCP).

Castellana is a leading company in the Mediare Advantage industry. Its operations are recognized for being pioneers in implementing a coordinated comprehensive health model based on high quality standards, achieving outstanding results.

Castellana’s Mission is to optimize medical practice to promote highly cost-effective and excellent patient services.



Strategy Committee


This committee contributes in the evaluation of proposals, compensation model and criteria in the delivery of shared savings.

It also keeps us informed of the results of our finances and those indicators or measures of opportunity that each area and region must observe and work to obtain better results.

Dr. Luis Rodriguez Carrasquillo
Dr. Jaime Rivera Cartagena
Dr. José Muñíz Melendez
Dr. Raúl F. Montalvo Orsini
Dr. Luis Peña Figueroa
Dr. Luis Torrellas Ruíz
Dr. Angel Muntaner Morales

Network Development and Management Committee


Participates regularly in the evaluation and selection of specialists belonging to the preferred network through recommendations of the group’s doctors. He also participates in the negotiation process by helping and supporting the hiring of specialists.

The compensation criteria are verified and considered by this group on a regular basis, taking into account the satisfaction and good collaboration between doctors and specialists. Among its members there are 2 specialists committed to medical groups.

Dr. Ángel Montes Avilés
Dr. Aurelio Collado
Dr. Lourdes Feliciano
Dr. Jaime Rivera Cartagena
Dr. Jorge Torres Martinez
Robert Sonnessa

Committee on Cost and Utilization

This committee contributes in the evaluation of proposals, compensation model and criteria in the delivery of shared savings. It also keeps us informed of the results of our finances and those indicators or measures of opportunity that each area and region must observe and work to obtain better results.

Dr. Jaime Rivera Cartagena
Dr. Aurelio Collado Pacheco
Dr. Angel Montes Avilés
Dr. Lourdes Feliciano Lopez
Dr. Luis Rodríguez Carrasquillo
Angel Cordero CPA
Diego Vargas CPA
Annie Mayol
Elizabeth González
Roberto Robledo
José Chaparro
Dr. Angel Muntaner Morales

Quality Control Committee


Participate in evaluating and analyzing quality results. Taking into account the results, and in line with the demands, develop and implement the necessary initiatives to obtain better results in quality measures.

Dr. Nannette Berríos Ocasio
Dr. Felix Melendez Ortíz
Dr. Jorge Torres Martinez
Dr. Elba Perez Vargas
Dr. Edgar Quintero Maldonado
Ana Moykas Fletas
Nanysma Guerra

Education Committee


Dr. Angel Montes Aviles
Dr. Jose Muñiz Meléndez
Lysmar Vázquez
Dr. Luis Rodriguez Carrasquillo
Dr. Edgar Quintero Maldonado
Dr. Felix Meléndez Ortiz
Dr. Luis C. Torrellas Ruíz
Dr. Ivan Pérez

Our History

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    Castellana reached an agreement with the recently founded Medicare and Mucho Más (MMM) – a Medicare Advantage plan – which would unite its roads in a solid relationship of success and growth.
    Castellana developed the Metro Este Network, including PCPs, subspecialists, hospital facilities, ancillary services, among others.
    Later in the same year, the Metro East Network was certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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    PMC Medicare Choice became part of the MMM family, as independent plans under the same parent company. Castellana and her contracts with the doctors were amended to also serve the PMC affiliates.

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    Castellana was hired as an IPA by the newly established MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC (MSO), which offers services to the entire network of MMM Healthcare, LLC (MMM) and PMC Medicare Choice, LLC (PMC) providers and the entire community medical MSO offers administrative support to Castellana and other medical groups.

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    Castellana worked with her doctors to support MMM and PMC in their efforts to receive the Accreditation of the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA, for its acronym in English). MMM and PMC became the first – and currently are the only – health plans in Puerto Rico with such accreditation.

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    Castellana became part of the MMM Holdings family of companies and continued to be operated as an independent health care entity, meeting the needs of its providers, patients and communities.
    In addition, the founders of Castellana, Mrs. Lillian Fuertes, Dr. Miguel Sosa Padilla and Dr. Luis Rodríguez Carrasquillo, continued to contribute in quality management, customer service and strategy.
    This transaction strengthened the relationship of the Network with the MMM group in Puerto Rico.
    Dr. Raúl F. Montalvo serves as Acting President of Castellana.

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    Castellana strengthened its operations infrastructure towards a first quality service by implementing innovative medical and network management programs.
    Castellana moved its facilities to facilitate access to its customers and employees. Making good use of the advantage in the real estate market, the new address is home to more modern facilities, which allow accommodating groups of suppliers, promoting better brand recognition.

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    Castellana hired a preferred network of providers (IPA PPN) with over 200 subspecialists to increase opportunities for better collaboration and coordination in health care and cost-effective outcomes.

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    Castellana’s Board of Directors was formed to provide strategic support based on mission, vision and values.

Board of Directors

Dr. Raúl F. Montalvo Orsini

Dr. Jaime Rivera
Dr. Jorge Torres
Dr. Aurelio Collado
Dr. Luis Peña

Lcda. Eyminel Viel

Dr. Rick Shinto
Dr. Angel Muntaner
Dr. Luis Rodríguez
Dr. Angel Montes

Four Standing Committees (Quality, Finance, Strategic & IPA PPN) were developed, in which the majority of the work of the Board is carried out .

Restructuring and development of the medical management structure. A new Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Angel Muntaner, was appointed.

Other businesses

  • He developed and directed medical services for PRESBY Hospital Primary Care Services and employee clinics.
  • Shareholders of Oncology Sales of Puerto Rico Inc. and Drogueria Antillana, Inc.
  • Management of IPA Centro 5036 with Cruz Azul of Puerto Rico
  • IPA 636 Administrator with MCS
  • Active collaborator with ASES (eg Opening Alternative for ASES)


Castellana’s medical groups manage health care for 1/3 of the Medicare Advantage lives under MMM and PMC through MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC; with a provider network of over 500 primary physicians (PCPs) and over 200 IPA sub-specialists.